Swinging Volumes
Pole Walk

Fun Zone Obstacles

Volume Climb Illustration


This obstacle is a unique challenge of 3 hanging volumes that sway as you climb. With two sides to climb. Hang on tight and pull up and over the volumes!

Cube Stack Illustration

Stacking Challenge

The stacking challenge tests your problem solving skills! Try to build taller and taller without falling over. Balancing on the blocks is harder than it looks, the taller the tower the more wobbly it gets!

Cubbe Wall Illustration

Cube Wall

Climb the Cube wall and weave your way up through the cubes. Make sure not to lose your balance or slip off!

Speed Wall

The Speed Wall is perfect for testing out your speed climbing. Ready, Set, GO! Race to the top and record your best times, or race head to head with other climbers.

Cargo Net Illustration

Cargo Net

Cargo Net is a blast for climbers of all sizes. Climb up this massive net and ring the bell at the top! Hop on either side and race your friends!

Chimney Illustration


The Chimney is a challenging wall to scale, you’ll have to figure out the technique to push your way up to the top!​

Disc Wall Illustration


The Discs will spit you off if you’re not paying attention. Work your way up to the top by avoiding the spinning discs or by holding on tight!​

Maze Wall Illustration

Maze Wall

The Maze wall tests out your problem solving skills. Solve the maze by sliding the puck up the wall through to the finish. Come check out this amazing wall!

Trailhead Wall Illustration

Trailhead Wall

Our Trailhead Wall is a great climb for beginners, hold onto the letters of our name to climb up to the top.​

Bombs Away Illustration

Bombs Away

Bombs away is full of swinging hand holds. Grab on to the bombs and put your feet onto the discs to climb your way up these swinging obstacles!​

Pole Walk Illustration

Pole Walk

Pole Walk tests out your balance and bravery. Step up each pole higher and higher until you reach the rings at the top.

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