Week-long scramble event, finished off with a finals event for both advanced and intermediate climbers.

Scramble: Starts April 12th - 6 pm, Ends April 18th - 8 pm

Finals: Starts April 19th - 6:30 pm, Spectators welcome!

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Parents' Night Out

Drop off the kids and go climb (or do whatever you like) by yourself!

5:30 pm to 7:30 pm every second Thursday, register online.

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Outdoor Adventures
Get geared up with our rentals or plan your next adventure with Girth Hitch Guiding.

What is Fun Zone?

Our fun zone is a unique climbing experience, from our net wall, pole walk, to our hanging volumes there’s a variety of different challenges. Perfect for all ages looking to come and have fun!

With a total of 11 climbing challenges and 15 auto-belays, we’re sure to keep you busy for your climbing time or birthday party. Our Fun Zone is able to book for climbing times below. Parties and group bookings are available.

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