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2022-23 Season Info

Our youth team trains and competes throughout the ACA season (September-May). Our team will have three different categories this season: Elite, Performance, and Under 13. The teams will train on the following schedule

Elite: Tuesdays 4:45-7:45, Thursdays 5:15-8:15, and Fridays 4:45-7:45

Performance: Tuesdays 4:45-6:45, Thursdays 5:15-7:15

U13: Mondays and Wednesdays 4:30-6:30

Evaluations will take place on August 5th and will consist of 1.5 hours of climbing with a coach to identify the best placement for the climbers. There is no cost for coming to evaluation. If you cannot make the evaluation, please email to make other arrangements

Cost of the team will be $135/month for Performance and U13 climbers, $270/month for Elite climbers. This price will include a membership to the gym. Additional fees to be expected are an ACA membership, coaching and entry fees for competitions if entered, and field trips throughout the season.

You can register for evaluations below or if you have any questions about our youth team email


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Knights of the Kilter

General Info


Knights of the Kilter is an elimination style 1v1 climbing challenge on the Kilter Board, running October 29th which is our “lights out night” meaning the only lights on the wall will be from the Kilter Board.

Each competitor will face off with another on the same climb (chosen by the king) at a 15° wall angle. If both complete it on their first try, we increase the angle 10° until one of them can’t finish it. The winner will move on to the next round and continue until we have an overall champion.

This is a free, fun competition and will have no gender categories. Signup below!