Summer Camps

Week long half-day camps for ages 6-17yrs

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Registration is up for summer 2022, check them out below!

We can’t wait for summer time and for our awesome camps to begin! Our week long half day camps are a great opportunity for kids to climb, learn and play with our staff and other kids.  
If you have any questions, give us a call 403.302.3273 or email

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Knights of the Kilter

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Knights of the Kilter is an elimination style 1v1 climbing challenge on the Kilter Board, running October 29th which is our “lights out night” meaning the only lights on the wall will be from the Kilter Board.

Each competitor will face off with another on the same climb (chosen by the king) at a 15° wall angle. If both complete it on their first try, we increase the angle 10° until one of them can’t finish it. The winner will move on to the next round and continue until we have an overall champion.

This is a free, fun competition and will have no gender categories. Signup below!