What is Trailhead?

Climbing + Fitness

Trailhead is Red Deer’s only climbing gym. Our gym is equipped with bouldering walls, top rope climbing, auto-belays, and lead climbing walls to cater to all different styles of climbing. We offer new routes and problems set weekly on both our bouldering walls and our top rope or lead walls, providing a variety of challenges that stay fresh and interesting for climbers of all skill levels. As well as a dedicated training area complete with a kilter board. Come for a drop-in today!

Fun Zone

Our Fun Zone has a variety of obstacles and challenges best suited for younger or beginner climbers. The Fun Zone provides a fun and challenging environment for climbers to learn and explore rock climbing regardless of age or skill level. This area also caters to group bookings, such as birthday parties, team events and more! View available bookings here.


Bouldering is rock climbing without ropes below a set height limit. Because there are no ropes, boulder routes or "problems" often trend side to side and not just straight up and down. Many people enjoy bouldering on its own because it can be done without a partner. Our walls offer a variety of problems ranging to from beginner (V0) to advanced (V9+)

Training Area

Setup to fulfill your all your training needs. Complete with a variety of workout equipment from a squat rack and weights to hangboards, campus board, and a fully adjustable Kilter Board. Come in and check it out!

Fun Zone

Our fun zone is a unique climbing experience, from our net wall, pole walk, to our hanging volumes there’s a variety of different challenges. Perfect for all ages looking to come and have fun!

With a total of 11 climbing challenges and 15 auto-belays, we’re sure to keep you busy for a session or birthday party. Our Fun Zone is able to book for sessions below. Parties and group bookings are available now!

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