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First Time Climber

Absolutely! Come by for a drop-in on our Climbing + Fitness or book a time in the Fun Zone. If you find yourself enjoying climbing, sign up for a belay lesson and learn how to get on the ropes on your own.

All participants must fill out a waiver before entering the climbing area. Everyone who comes into the gym who is under 18 years of age will need to have their waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. Our waiver can be filled out ahead of time online to save time at the gym.

Yes! We have routes for all ages, most kids can start as young as 4. If your child is 3-4, you can always come in and look around and judge for yourself if they are ready to get started.

Kids under 13 years old require constant adult supervision and will require an adult to come in to manage the ropes and/or auto-belays for them. Depending upon their maturity level we can show kids (13 yrs. and older) how to manage the auto belays on their own. Due to the seriousness of climbing we cannot allow any horseplay or running around in the facility. Our permitted adult to child ratio is 1:4.

Belaying is what the person on the ground is doing to keep the climber safe. They are making sure the rope goes up with the climber so in the event of a fall, the climber is caught by the rope and the counter weight of the belayer.

In order to belay in our facility, you must pass a belay test. This is a $5 test that covers putting on a harness, tying a figure eight, setting up a belay device, communication, lowering, and arresting a fall. If you know how to belay, you can take the test. If not, we encourage you to sign up for a belay lesson.


We suggest you wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing to climb, and clean non-marking indoor shoes are required to climb here. We do not allow bare-feet or socks, and we recommend tying long hair back to ensure it does not become tangled in equipment. If you plan on renting climbing shoes, we do require you to wear socks in them. Bring some water, its hard work!

Yes, Trailhead offers rentals for harnesses, shoes, and belay devices (both ATC’s and GriGri’s).

No we do not. Due to the nature of climbing and the wear and tear that we may see on our equipment, we do not rent out equipment for outdoor use. We cannot monitor and safely assess the condition of rented equipment used outdoors without direct supervision, which we do not provide.

An auto-belay is a great tool to climb on your own. No experience necessary, we’ll show you how to use it during your facility orientation. Children under 13 need to be supervised on the auto-belays by an adult who has done an orientation.

Returning Climber

Because safety is crucial when belaying, a quick refresher is often not enough to be confident that you have committed the skill to long term memory, so we do not offer “quick refreshers”.

If you are at all hesitant, sign up for a belay lesson. Its only $30, includes rentals and the price of a belay test afterwards. Its better to be fully confident when you have your friends on the other end of the rope!

All climbing gyms will ask you to do their own belay test and we are no different. You will need to pass a belay test at our facility in order to belay here. You do not need to learn how to belay here, but you do need to pass our belay test.

What we offer

Yes! We offer a variety of programs from 4-17yrs. Visit Kids Programs to view what we offer.

Yes! We offer belay lessons, lead lessons, and climb better clinics to help you progress in your climbing journey. We also occasionally partner with local guides to offer more in depth technical training for outdoor climbing.

Absolutely! We offer a few different ways to build your party in the Fun Zone. Visit Fun Zone Parties to view more info and get booked in today!

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Knights of the Kilter

General Info


Knights of the Kilter is an elimination style 1v1 climbing challenge on the Kilter Board, running October 29th which is our “lights out night” meaning the only lights on the wall will be from the Kilter Board.

Each competitor will face off with another on the same climb (chosen by the king) at a 15° wall angle. If both complete it on their first try, we increase the angle 10° until one of them can’t finish it. The winner will move on to the next round and continue until we have an overall champion.

This is a free, fun competition and will have no gender categories. Signup below!